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Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools
Model: MS-1232
Reduce kitchen drawer clutter by combining all teaspoon and tablespoon measurements into one handy tool. Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe. ADJUST FOR ANY MEASUREMENT: Simply slide the adjuster to your desired increment and scoop. Replaces 9 measuring spoons. Measure dry, liquid and semi-liquid ingred..
Ex Tax:₹135.00
Model: MC&S-So5
The measuring spoons feature easy to read measurement marking, in standard units: 250ml, 125ml, 85ml, 60ml, 30ml. Made from food grade light weight plastic material, these measuring spoons can be used for both wet and dry ingredients. Innovative stacked design allows the cups to be nested neatly ..
Ex Tax:₹160.00
Model: MC&S-So8
Set of 8 measuring cups and spoons in a ring holder. Accurately measure solid and liquid food ingredients for cooking and baking. Ring holder for easy removal of spoons/cups. Spoons and cups nest into each other for convenience in hanging and storing. Made from high-quality food grade plastic, its e..
Ex Tax:₹180.00
Model: MC&S-So6
6 Piece Measuring Cups Set Includes 1/2 tbsp. (7.5ml), 1 tbsp. (15ml), 1/4cup (60ml), 1/3cup (85ml), 1/2cup (125ml), 1cup (250ml). Made from food grade material, the lettering is very easy to read and won't wear off as easily as a printed marking.Innovative stacked design allows the cups to be neste..
Ex Tax:₹215.00
Model: MS-So5
Perfect for measuring wet or dry ingredients such as oil, water, milk, rice, baking powder, baking soda, and anything in small quantity. These measuring spoons feature easy to read measurement marking; in standard units. These are dishwasher safe for fast and easy cleanup...
Ex Tax:₹110.00
Model: MS-3029
This set of 4 measuring spoons is a must-have for any well-equipped kitchen. Made of food grade stainless steel and PP plastic, it is 100% rust-proof, BPA-free durable and sturdy. Engraved measuring markings offer you an accurate measure for recipes and meet all your needs in cooking and baking. ..
Ex Tax:₹175.00
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