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Whipping Cream Powder

Whipping Cream Powder
Eggless Meringue Powder Instant Mix - Bakerswhip
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Brand: BakersWhip Model: MgP-B
The most classic and finest powder which makes perfect meringues and specialty icings. Powdered meringue is an ideal substitute in any recipe calling for egg white meringue; it replaces egg white in many recipes.Quantity: 450 gms..
Ex Tax:₹180.00
Brand: BakersWhip Model: WCP-B
Easy-to-make: simply add milk or water.Ideal for decoration of cakes & pastries, topping for sweets & desserts and to thicken mocktails & milk shakesExcellent stability and long self lifeEasy to whip and store..
Ex Tax:₹375.00
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