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Purix Baking Soda (75 gms)
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Brand: Purix Model: BS-P-75g
Purix Baking soda is essential to many recipes, plus it has uses outside the kitchen. Make all kinds of dishes with other supplies like wheat flour, sugar, salt, and much more!FEATURES: Accurate composition Purity Longer shelf life..
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Purix Cake Gel | Cake Mix Improver - 125 Gm
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Brand: Purix Model: CGel-P
Purix Cake Gel works as an emulsifier and stabilizer mix and provides standardized quality in sponge cake, cake and roll production. With Purix Sponge Gel, it is easier to make mouth-filling cakes and sponge cakes with high volume and smooth pore structure. Purix cake mix improver is the gel type e..
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Purix Corn Syrup - 200 Gm
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Brand: Purix Model: CSyp-P
Purix Corn Syrup adds sweetness without altering the flavour of your confectionery treats. Besides this, it also adds volume to the baked goods, thickens sauce and prevents crystallization of sugar. Use corn syrup to make pies, candies, jams, jellies, fountain syrups, glazes and marinades...
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Brand: Purix Model: GSyp-P
Purix Liquid Glucose is a colorless, odorless viscous sweet syrup. It controls the formation of sugar crystals which is particularly important when you are making desserts and confectioneries. Liquid glucose is also a fundamental ingredient in many food and industrial products like confectionery, ca..
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Brand: Purix Model: VGT-P
Purix Veg Gelatin is a vegetarian alternative to gelatin. It is a vegetarian setting agent, ideal for use in a wide variety of sweet and savoury recipes including jellies, mousses, cheesecakes, pies and more...
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