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Chocolate Dispenser

Chocolate Dispenser
Model: Btr-Disp
Batter Dispenser with squeeze handle and measuring label is a perfect dispenser tool for cupcake, waffles, muffin mix, crepes, cake and more.This cake batter dispenser has 900 ml capacity, which is 4 cups.Simply place the fully mixed batter in the dispenser and pull the handle. It helps in keeping a..
Ex Tax:₹695.00
Model: DS-3052
Drizzling melted candy on your candy treats is easier with the Candy Melts Drizzling Scoop. Deep scoop holds a generous amount of melted candy. Funnel-shaped end of the scoop helps you control the size of your drizzled lines for the desired effect. Makes working with melted Candy Melts candy easy..
Ex Tax:₹140.00
Model: Disp-Fnnl
The batter dispenser is an essential baking tool for the kitchen. It is suitable for takoyaki balls, pancakes, crepes, muffin, cupcakes, waffles, chocolate balls, etc. The wide mouth opening makes the batter dispenser easy to fill. It can easily and accurately dispense most batter, seasonings and ic..
Ex Tax:₹1,250.00
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