If someone asked me what my definition of Utopia would be, I would answer by saying that it would be a world where the love for baking is universal. Is there ANYTHING better than the scent of fresh chocolate-chip cookies, topped with gems, decorated and held together by a luscious and fragrant serving of chocolate syrup? I would argue that few are. I started baking at a point in my life where I would often notice a void – something which was missing from my life, yet I had no idea what it was.

Being a firm believer in destiny, I would say my fate intervened and thus I was introduced to the art of baking. Unlike ‘normal’ cooking, baking does NOT require a lot of skill. I, initially, only followed tutorials & recipes and the deliciousness just, sort of, came naturally. Instead of the standard of the celebratory champagne, I encourage people to celebrate with a generous serving of self-made cookies and cakes. As far as I’m concerned, birthdays are far *sweeter* with the resultants of my love for bakery. Baking, however, has served to be more than a hobby. In its most deep sense, it has been therapeutic – something I can turn to no matter what happens. It has transcended the barriers of simply being fun – it has become an expression of self, a practical demonstration of my own creativity and has become something I cherish deeply and fondly.

With the help of BakeShake, I have definitely been able to ‘bake myself happier’. The site provides me with everything a baker like me would need – from the basics to the essentials. Whether it be twisters, moulds, sweeteners, beautiful decorations and packaging or even ingredients such as gelatin, BakeShake provides me with quality that I have found to be unmatched. Their products have been easy – on both, my blood sugar levels AND my pocket! I certainly wish I had found BakeShake during my novice days of baking – and to anyone starting out the beautiful journey of learning how to bake, do not think further – you’re at the correct place!